PlayStation 5

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Play Has No Limits™
The PS5™ console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated.
Experience lightning fast loading with an ultra-high speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation® games.



New Playstation 5

buy ps5 .The only difference between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console is the inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive in the PS5 console. The PS5 Digital Edition console does not feature a disc drive. Buy playstation 5 Ps5 for sale

The PS5 console features an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive that will allow you to play PS5 Blu-ray disc games and PS4 Blu-ray disc games, as well as play video from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, standard Blu-ray discs, and DVDs. Buy ps5

The PS5 console is approximately 390mm x 104mm x 260mm (width x height x depth), excluding the Base, and weighs in at around 4.5kg.

The PS5 Digital Edition console is approximately 390mm x 92mm x 260mm (width x height x depth), weighing in at around 3.9kg. Buy playstation 5

What is included in the PS5 box at launch? Buy PlayStation 5 (Ps5 Console)

Whichever model you choose, you’ll get:

  • The PS5 console or PS5 Digital Edition console
  • One DualSense wireless controller
  • USB Type-C to Type A charging cable for the DualSense wireless controller
  • HDMI cable (compatible with Ultra High Speed defined by HDMI v2.1)
  • AC power cord
  • Base that allows you to orient the console either vertically or horizontally
  • Quick Start and Safety guide.

Additionally, both PS5 models come with a free game pre-installed. Astro’s Playroom is a brand-new platformer that allows PS5 players to explore four worlds, each one showcasing innovative gameplay using the new and versatile features of the DualSense wireless controller. Ps5 for sale

7 reviews for PlayStation 5

  1. Izzy

    I have a pre-order. Will play the hell out of it but that thing looks like dogsh!t. Horrible design. Ugly AF.

  2. Lisandro Perez

    Good customer service.I had a real tough time finding a site to order a ps5 for my little boy. Till i found this site, got the ps5 in a few days. top top…best birthday gift for my boy

  3. Farin Moses

    I had doubts when I pre-ordered cus the website doesn’t look official, I was nervous thought this website was fake but luckily it was delivered today. They are good

  4. Risa Adams

    Good service pre-ordered it Wednesday night, using it Friday night. Works great.

  5. Renelda

    This game is magic, with Fascinating graphics I fucking love it

  6. Lara George

    Love the design. Striking, futuristic, unique, etc Sony never disappoints they gon dominate with this as usual…#1 console

  7. Randy Lim

    Delivery was good, I got a defective system on the first attempt, but they quickly took it back and sent a brand new one my way. The whole thing was very swift & prompt. Definitely recommend!!

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